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Gymnastic programming consistently delivers the world most badass athletes. You don’t have to be aspiring olympian to follow the same path. Learn it the right way and then it’s only up to you how fast and how far you go.

Chin up hang

Strong Moustache

Strength is a skill, learn it!

Strength makes everything better. Everything. It accelerates fat loss, improves stamina, prevents chronic conditions, increases bone density, makes you feel better, allows you to kick ass harder and carry more six-packs.


Bendy Moustache

Let go the stiffness, build a fearless body

In adults trauma, pain, stress, bad habits and injuries experienced over time create an environment of fear which prevents the body from accessing its full potential. Which sucks. Learn how to comfort your nervous system, strengthen the connective tissues, prevent injuries, stabilise the joints, improve your range of motion and reclaim your mobility.

straight handstand with perfect alignment

Handstand Moustache

It will change your life.

Discipline, focus, mobility, grit, strength, patience, persistence, balance, courage and alignment will all get tested once you open the door to hand balancing. So yeah, handstands are badass!

the team


Meet Ondrej & Juliette!

The duo moustachers who are behind the Mr. Bodyweight Moustache. Ondrej trained in Gymnastic competitively during his university time. He is a certified Stretch Therapy teacher, active with bike trials riding, and circus training specialised in hand-balancing. Juliette trained in dancing since teenager. She is a certified Stretch Therapy teacher, accredited Gymnastics Australia beginner coach, and currently training for aerial acrobatic circus with Olga Sidorova from Dancing in the Air®. Olga is internationally renowned circus artist and a former Cirque Du Soleil trapeze performer.

Moustache Classes

Receive a maximum attention and individualised progressions in our classes

back lever

All our classes are small group classes, you will receive a maximum attention and individualised progressions.

We utilise GymnasticBodies (GB) training program in our classes. GB is developed by Coach Christopher Sommer who is the founder of GB and a former US junior national gymnastics coach.

Five-week intensive Gymnastic Strength Training classes

Gymnastic Strength Training (GST)™ teach a core intensive bodyweight strength training with coupled flexibility, mobility, and joint preparation. The classes are designed for an incremental five-week progression, hence regular attendance is crucial. Attending an induction class and sign-up in advance are required before joining this training.

Induction class

Attend our induction class to find out your strength and mobility level, and Gymnastic Strength Training introduction™.

The assessment result will help you to learn how well your body moves and discover your current limitation that’s stopping you from progressing!

This is the first mandatory step for you to do before joining our 5-week intensive bodyweight Gymnastic Strength Training (GST)™ group classes, so you can familiarise yourself with the gymnastic body form and learning the language of GST™.

The class runs for 75 minutes. Bring water and expect a light training.

induction classIn the induction class, you will:

  • Get to know your teacher, and create your student profile
  • Share your goals or specific needs
  • Find out what is your class level
  • Familiarise yourself with Gymnastic body form
  • Gymnastic Strength Training™ introduction class
  • Receive your assessment result

Book your Induction Class here

Level 0 class 

Level 0 is suitable for absolute beginner students, who have no experience with bodyweight training and handstand. Classes run for 70 minutes for the following day:

  • Tuesday evening, 6-7.10 PM at Wentworth Park
  • Saturday morning, 8.20-9.30 AM at Sydney Park

pbarsBasic strength progressions:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Dips
  • L-sit
  • Core strength
  • Handstand

Mobility & flexibility progressions:

  • straddleFront split
  • Side split
  • Bridge
  • Pancake
  • Back mobility and flexibility
  • Hip mobility and flexibility
  • Shoulders mobility and flexibility

We will teach each progression according to your level of strength, and mobility. No previous body weight or gymnastic training experience necessary. Induction class is mandatory before attending this class.


A fantastic weighted mobility that will improve your pancake and shoulder strength at the same time! The weight helps to push you down and stretch further, flexed feet is to increase the hamstring stretch. Start with a light weight, sit on an elevated surface, and strive to increase the pelvic tilt until your lower back is straight! Chris performed the variation with supinated grip. #mrbodyweightmoustache #GymnasticBodies #GBAffiliate #ChristopherSommer #GBFoundation #gymnasticadultbeginner #gymnastics #bodyweight #crossfit #sydneypark #Sydney #Australiafit #sydneyfitness #mobility #hipmobility #stretch #stretching #flexibility #upperbodystrength #upperbodyworkout #corestrength #corestabiliser #strengthconditioning #gymnasticstrengthtraining #bodyweighttraining #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #conditioning

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Level 1 class 

Level 1 is suitable for students who have experience with bodyweight training and comfortable being upside down in handstand. Classes run for 2 hours for the following days:

  • Tuesday evening, 7.10-9 PM at Wentworth Park
  • Thursday morning, 6.30-8.30 AM at Sydney Park
  • Saturday morning, 9.30-11.30 AM at Sydney Park

You will need to be able to demonstrate the following before joining level 1 classes:

1 strict pull up, 1 full ROM of dip, clean kick to handstand, and spotted handstand hold.


Gymnastic foundation strength progressions:

  • Front Lever
  • Back Lever
  • Side Lever
  • Muscle Up
  • Basic rings work
  • Hollow back press
  • Straddle planche
  • Manna
  • Rope climb
  • Single Leg Squat

Mobility & Flexibility progressions:

  • Front split
  • Side split
  • Bridge
  • Pancake
  • Back mobility and flexibilityStraight line handstand
  • Hip mobility and flexibility
  • Shoulders mobility and flexibility

Gymnastic handstand progressions: 

  • Strength development for handstand
  • Wrist and shoulder mobility
  • Handstand balancing
  • Handstand straight body alignment
  • Press handstand progressions

We will teach each progression according to your level of strength, and mobility. Induction class is mandatory before attending this class.



Class Location

Wentworth Park

wentworth_parkWentworth Park fitness equipment area, corner of Wentworth Park Road and Bay Street in a proximity of Central train station.

wentworth park map

Sydney Park

Sydney parkSydney Park fitness equipment area, corner of  Sydney Park Road and Euston Road. Next to the famous Alan Davidson Oval in a proximity of St. Peters train station.

Sydney Park

Gymnastics Bodies Affiliate

Mr. Bodyweight Moustache is proud to be Australian Gymnastic Bodies affiliate.


We met Coach Sommer for the first time at GymnasticBodies (GB) Sydney seminar. During the seminar, we discovered a new level of strength training, and mobility training unlike others. We learnt two fundamental important points from GB, the importance of getting the foundation right first before progressing to advance training, and the importance of quality training for more effective results rather than quantity training.  Quality training is to do the exercise in the correct proper form, rather than to do exercise in high repetitions but in a bad form. In the long run, these mindsets are actually very beneficial for all of bodyweight strength athletes especially for training success, longevity, and injury avoidance.

Those very much make sense for us, and this is what we want to promote in our teaching. In February 2015, we flew to Denver Colorado US, attending the GB master class and did a work study for GB affiliation program at Awaken gym, the GB master affiliate.

Visit GymnasticBodies website.

Gymnastic Bodies Affiliate

“Despite his lack of facial hair, Coach Summer has a plenty of badassity to tap into.”

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